Online Artist #4: Herbert Baglione

Herbert Bagilone is a Brazilian artist that uses themes such as death, individualism, family, and chaos.  After searching through countless artists online, I’m noticing that I’m drawn to artists that implement a dark element within their works.  Herbert maintains these themes within busy, colorful paint on canvas works to simple works with ink on paper.  Regardless of his medium, he is consistent with the fluidity and body language of the characters he creates.  The faces are mainly expressionless or sad and suffering.  Herbert’s latest ink on paper collection leaves so much room for interpretation.  I really like the way the heads are down and the bodies are mostly closed off.  One drawing that stuck out to me was his HB 53 piece.  There’s a female curled forward with her knees on the ground and her neck is pushing up against the back of a man curled up.  Their bodies form a yin yang- like vibe.  The male has his head in his hands and all you can see is the back of his head.  I really like that Herbert chose to not show the man’s face because it makes me wonder what he’s looking at or what his expression is.  Both of the bodies are naked and bare.  There’s such a straightforward, rawness to this piece that feels very genuine.  I like the open space all around the bodies and nothing else besides the two people.  He expresses them so well that the piece doesn’t need anything else.  Herbert’s work inspires me and gives me ideas on how to convey themes of death and individualism.

Photo of one of his paint on canvas pieces:

His latest gallery of paint on canvas works entitled “The Dark Wave” (displayed December 10, 2009 to January 28, 2010):

His current pen on paper works for sale:*category%7C5024sf-gallery-originals/*&currIndex=32&pageSize=32&currSort=sort_order&sortDirection=desc

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