Online Artist #6: Robert The

Robert The really exemplifies the essence of book art.  Books are no longer restricted to its content but rather other aspects such as the way the book looks and the way the spine of the book bends.  In the picture above, Robert interprets this book’s title in a dark way that I’m drawn to.  It’s pessimistic and straight-forward with a black and white color scheme that I usually prefer.

Robert The, Readers’ Digest (cake book), 1998, Walker Art Center Library Collection

This image of work immediately caught my attention with its pleasantly delightful interpretation of a book.  I enjoy seeing objects in different lights and I have never viewed a book as a delicious piece of cake!  This is a cute and hilarious idea that Robert The envisioned.  At first the cake is off-putting with details including a baby blue glazed ceramic plate and a shiny, silver fork.  The work as a whole is so inviting and simple, yet with a closer look the cake is really a slice of a two-volume bound set of Reader’s Digest magazines.  The frosting looks so real but it is made of wax; even yummier!  An interpretation of Robert’s work could be the animalistic daily digestion of food is as important as our daily digestion of knowledge.  Robert’s work inspires me to convey objects as they have never been portrayed before.  I want to shine a different light on the common objects I work with and create light-hearted and simple pieces.

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