Katherine Westerhout

Kat’s photography is phenomenal! I don’t think I’ve ever been as impressed with any other photographer’s work as a whole like I feel about Kat’s collection.  I can say I like one or two photographs from an artist but Kat’s work, I’m in admiration of so many of her photos!  Her aesthetic is what I strive for.  Her pieces are incredibly gurngy and dirty but simultaneously clean and uncluttered.  The locations that she captures are rich with content and seemingly have too much going on but she pulls color stories that ties everything together.  I particularly am drawn to the aged and broken aspects of some of her photos.  I like that she uses the location and excludes animals, humans, and plants from her images.  She zeroes in on beautiful architectural and interior design and puts an eerie, deserted appearance to the photos.  I really enjoy her work and would love to create pieces like hers in my own photography.  It is exactly the type of work I had in mind to capture.


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